Waldorf 100 Anniversary Celebration on the 19th of September in Berlin, Germany

You can follow the event live! Click here.

The Livestream begins on 19.09.2019 starting from 10.00 am MET. The official ceremonial act begins at 10.30 am. 
The live broadcast will be moderated by Lion Talir, former Waldorf student and member of Waldorf SV. In the breaks of the event there will be background information, interviews, films and more. The livestream will be translated into English as an option. After the end of the event the livestream will be available online. During the live broadcast it is not possible to jump back to an earlier section – so be on time if you don’t want to miss a particular item on the programme. You can download it here.

The new Waldorf 100 Film on Early Childhood: “Becoming…”

On the occasion of the hundredth anniversary of Waldorf Education, Waldorf 100 and the International Association for Steiner/Waldorf Early Childhood Education (IASWECE) are pleased to present a film about early childhood today in the mirror of different cultures worldwide.

“Becoming…” is the third in a series of short films directed by award-winning documentary filmmaker Paul Zehrer which provide insights into Waldorf Education in diverse cultural, social, religious and economic settings around the globe.

“Becoming…” was premiered at the World Early Childhood Conference on “Inner Freedom – Social Responsibility”, which took place in April at the Goetheanum in Switzerland.

The film is now available in English, German and Spanish. Click on the images below to view the films. (The film is also available at You Tube: in English, in Spanish, in German.)
Click here to read the full press release.

The Waldorf 100 World Early Childhood Conference…

…took place from April 15th to 19th 2019 at the Goetheanum in Dornach/Switzerland and was an inspiring experience for 1100 participants from 58 countries.